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Alexeter Technologies provides a complete solution for biological readiness and response, Alexeter Reader Systems™. From collection, to identification, decontamination, technical support and training. Alexeter provides the top-rated Guardian Reader System™

The Guardian Reader System is now being used by 1600 first responders, military services, security agencies, health departments and corporate clients. The Guardian Reader System is the first choice of response professionals..

Our new Defender TSR, a hand-held device which offers increased sensitivity and faster results. Alexeter’s Readers allow you to run tests in parallel, a capability unique to Alexeter Readers, minimizing response time. With the Defender TSR, you can run 8 tests in under 30 minutes. The Guardian can do the same in under 40 minutes.

Defender TSR™
The Defender TSR , the first hand-held biological detection and identification on the market, provides all of the benefits of the Guardian, adding advanced optics, unparalleled ease-of-use and full wireless capabilities. The Defender is compatible with a variety of (optional) infrared printers. USB and WiFi (802.11b) connectivity make easy to transfer your results to a PC.

Hand-Held Biological Identification For Emergency Response and IAQ Monitoring
The Guardian Reader System™, currently the world’s leading rapid biological detection & identifycation solution, has taken the next logical step: introducing fi eld-portable capabilities for HAZMAT and Industrial IAQ Specialists. The Defender TSR (Test Strip Reader) features Alexeter’s intuitive software and a high-resolution color screen that sets a new standard for ease-of-use.

Truly hand-held, the Defender TSR is fi eld-ready with a current offering of 8 biological tests, with more to come. The Defender also boasts improved sensitivity in this smaller package. Connectivity is near-universal with dual-wireless capabilities WiFi (802.11b), Bluetooth® and USB interface.

The Defender connects seamlessly to any network, including the Internet, allowing secure data transmission for technical support and documentation. Whenever you need help, Alexeter’s Technical Support team can view your results, assisting you in near real-time with any issue.

Features and Specifications:

Guardian Reader™
Designed from the “ground-up” as a field-test unit, Guardian Reader provides an objective, quantitative result for each test strip, maximizing the sensitivity of the test while minimizing the probability of user error and misinterpretation. This rugged unit can be run in the field on AC or battery power.

Data transfer may be accomplished using the serial port on the Guardian.

Alexeter Readers: Defender TSR and Guardian Give You a Clear Advantages

Bio-Detect™ Test Strips
Our Bio-Detect Tests address the threats that we have already seen, as well as other potential threats as defined by the DHS and other authorities. All Alexeter Bio-Detect Test strips contain Radio Frequency Identification microchips (RFID’s).

The RFID contains crucial information, including: test type, specific lot information and expiration date. No calibration is ever needed, as the RFID provides all of the information that the Reader needs to perform an accurate identification.

The results of your test are also written back to the RFID. We offer the most complete set of field tests.


Guardian Reader

Defender Reader™

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