Personal Protection


Improve Throughput - Reduce Decon Time - Save Lives

Medical Protection
NBC First Aid Kit
Atropine Nasal Spray Aerosol
Skin Decontamination
Chemical Decontamination Powder
NBC Casualty Bag
NBC Nursing Bag
VTS – Casualty Transportation System
SARS First Response Package
Toxic Substance Simulant

The system developed by OWR combines high flexibility and robustness. The VTS can be used with all kinds of shower tents and decontamination containers (straight line) providing a flat lane for the transportation of stretchers. Most types of civil and military strechters can be used. OWR can also supply a universal decontamination stretcher made of stainless steel.

The VTS can be folded to the size of a standard euro pallet. The typical setup time is approximately 10 minutes with 2 - 4 operators. The basic module is 2.69m and can be extended by 1.25m extension modules up to the required length.

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