Personal Protection


Improve Throughput - Reduce Decon Time - Save Lives

Medical Protection
NBC First Aid Kit
Atropine Nasal Spray Aerosol
Skin Decontamination
Chemical Decontamination Powder
NBC Casualty Bag
NBC Nursing Bag
VTS – Casualty Transportation System
SARS First Response Package
Toxic Substance Simulant

  1. M3 Coverall
    Meets NATO requirements.
    • One piece construction in multiple colours and four sizes.
    • Integrated hood, gloves, and overshoes with Integrated Robust Sole (IRS)
    • Exceptional strength and protection in a lightweight and resistant barrier fabric.
    • High resistance to tearing, puncturing and snagging.
  1. COBRA Mask with SUPERCOMBI NBC Filter
    NATO (AC/225)/Panel VII/D 103
    NSN 4240-23-113-1332
    • Designed and produced in accordance with the most advanced breathing protection technology
    • Complies with the operational requirements of all the international standards.
    • Provides complete protection against toxic chemical warfare agents and industrial gases.
    • Rapidly donned (approx. 7 sec.)
  1. COBRA Man Portable Decontamination System
    NSN 4230-01-499-5608
    • Portable stainless steel spraying device for emergency personal self decontamination.
    • Initially pressureless, it can be pressurized within seconds by hand pump.
    • Can be used with GD-5 solution and other decontamination solutions and disinfectants.

  2. GD-5 COBRA refill
    NSN 6850-17-114-3527
    • Contents 0.4ltr. of GD-5 solution.
      Exact amount for refilling a COBRA.
    • Special protective bottle
  1. Medical First Aid Kit
    NSN 4240-12-145-1848

    1 NBC resistant roll-up bag with:
    • 1 x 68gr. decontamination powder
    • 1 x 25gr. decontamination soap
    • 1 pack (5 pcs.) C-swabs
    • 1 decontamination towel
    • 1 pack (5 pcs.) C - self-adhesive plasters
    • 2 ear plugs
    • 1 wooden spatula
    • 1 spray bottle GD-5 (10ml.) decontamination solution
    • Auto injectors (optional on request)
  1. SARS & NBC Nursing Bag
    The SARS NBC Nursing Bag is specifically designed for the transportation of infected patients.

    This unique nursing bag allows medical treatment while protecting both the medical personnel and the casualty from contaminated agents.
    • The nursing bag is made out of high quality EUROLITE® NBC barrier film.
    • Used with a blower with NBC filters, which provides filtered air.
    • The blower is equipped with the international standardised thread (RD 40).
    • Large visor.
    • 4 special points of access with integrated gloves for medical care.


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