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NBC Nursing Bag is a bag-in-a-bag system which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the military, fire and rescue teams and hospitals.

It is used for transporting infected, wounded, or contaminated persons while protecting them and the surrounding environment.

NBC Nursing Bag is used for:

  • First responder: Transportation of patients to the hospital by ambulance, car, helicopter.
  • Hospitals: Internal transportation of patients, e.g. mobile quarantine.
  • Airports: Mobile quarantine for potentially infected people.
  • Military: Personnel transportation in case of NBC.


  • Protection against NBC agents (nuclear, biological, chemical).
  • Low volume and low weight.
  • Quick application and high physical security.
  • Allows medical treatment during transportation.
  • Observation of patient during transport.
  • Protects medical staff, patients and the surrounding environment against contamination.
  • Blower unit provides filtered air.
  • Universal size.
  • High-Tech EUROLITE® NBC barrier film.


  • 1 RD 40" thread for blower.
  • 4 gloves for medical treatment.
  • 1 large transparent visor.
  • 2 IV pass through transparent envelopes.
  • 6 carrying handles.
Technical Data:

Model: NBC Nursing Bag
Packed Dimensions: 352 x 300 x 80mm
(L x W x H)
Deployed Dimensions: 2115 x 600 x 300mm
(L x W x H)
Weight: 1450gr. (including blower)
Colour: Yellow (on request)
Material (bag): EUROLITE® NBC barrier film 
Material (visor): EUROLITE® NBC barrier film
Material (gloves):  EUROLITE® NBC barrier film
Packaging: Vacuum packed and easily opened.

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