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OWR, the world leader in NBC decontamination, supports both military and civilian institutions such as the fire service and police in establishing effective protection against disasters. The primary aim is to detect and decontaminate as soon as possible.

Many countries have started to take serious measures for the protection of civilians and military against the effect of NBC. Against the background of terrorist attacks in recent years, more and more civil defense and security organizations are using the expertise of OWR. Offering a comprehensive range of detection and decontamination security packages for the protection of individuals or groups, OWR can offer tailor made systems which meet the customers' needs.

The NBC security response package offers the following:

  • Personal protection package
  • Detection package
  • Decontamination package
  • NBC First Aid package

Mobile, compact, versatile, the small portable personal protection decontamination package saves time and lives by being efficient and easy to use, requiring minimal training. Within seconds one can start to decontaminate people, equipment and surfaces. The package includes a detection device, decontamination device, protective clothing and protective equipment.

Individual Package

  • Mask
  • Suit
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Carrier Bag
  • C-detection, e.g. ChemPro 100
  • N-detection, e.g. Teletector 6150 AD-t
  • Detection Paper

Weapons of mass-destruction are one of the major threats in existence today. The Cold War is over, however, violent clashes and terrorist attacks, such as the poison gas attack in the Tokyo underground in 1995, the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001 and the threat of dirty bombs leave us in no doubt of the potential dangers.

Small scale Nuclear detection

  • Teletector 6150 AD-t
    • Analog range:
      0.1 μSv/h - 10 Sv/h
    • Digital range:
      0.01 μSv/h - 9.99 Sv/h
    • Up to 700 h battery life
    • Telescopic probe extendable to 4.12 m
  • Dose Rate Meter 6150 AD 5/6
  • Scintillator 6150 AD-b

Small scale Biological detection

  • ProBio 12+

Small scale Chemical detection

  • ChemPro 100
  • Detection Paper

Large scale Chemical detection

  • M90-DC-1

Large scale Nuclear detection

  • Nuclear Detection System
    • Alpha-Beta-Gamma Probe
    • Contaminaton Probe
  • Detection Vehicle 1000
  • Radiation Detection Vehicle

Small scale portable decontamination packages

The small scale portable decontamination package decontaminates all known chemical and biological warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. The decontamination systems are compact, mobile, versatile, light and transportable, with a set-up time of seconds.


  • Mask
  • Suit
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Carrier Bag
  • ChemPro 100
  • Teletector 6150 AD-t
  • Detection Paper


  • Mask
  • Suit
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Carrier Bag
  • ChemPro 100
  • Teletector 6150 AD-t
  • Detection Paper

NBC First Aid Package

The NBC First Aid package is a versatile and compact personal first aid kit, for self-decontamination and/or decontamination of others.


  • Decontamination powder
  • Decontamination soap
  • C-swab
  • Decontamination towel
  • Self adhesive plaster
  • GD-5 spray
Medium scale decontamination packages


  • Modular
  • Small scale
  • Compact
  • Highly versatile
  • Decontaminates personnel, equipment and surfaces

AMDS Package

  • AMDS
  • Single Person Shower
  • Tent System (decontaminate 240 people/h)
  • Protective equipment

Large scale Decontamination Package

The Civil Defence/Airport Package was developed due to the increasing threat of international terrorism. 

Using many years of experience within the field of decontamination, OWR has provided a complete decontamination package to counter the results of a possible attack within the Airport environment. Containerised systems offer decontamination of:

  • AIRCRAFT (internal & external)

Added Value

The Airport Package offers a unique, flexible and highly mobile decontamination system for emergency situations. Its modular design means it is available as a standard package, but can also be tailored to suit the customer's specific requirements. The total mobility of the system allows accessibility to all parts of the airport which, when combined with its fast set times, makes it an essential life saving piece of airport equipment.

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