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Medical Protection
NBC First Aid Kit
Atropine Nasal Spray Aerosol
Skin Decontamination
Chemical Decontamination Powder
NBC Casualty Bag
NBC Nursing Bag
VTS – Casualty Transportation System
SARS First Response Package
Toxic Substance Simulant

The NBC First Aid Kit contains
all the tools required for initial measures against personal contamination. All utensils are fixed in an NBC resistant roll-up bag.

NBC First Aid Kit contains:

  1. Decontamination Powder
    (68gr. bottle)

    NATO approved decontamination powder which absorbs liquid agent and decontaminates CWA agents on the skin.

  2. Package of C-Swabs (5 pieces)
    Swabs are used to remove droplets and smears of warfare agents.

  3. Package of self Adhesive Plaster (5 pieces.)
    For application on open wounds.

  4. Ear Plugs (2 packs.)
    For protection of the ears by preventing penetration of warfare agents.
  1. Decontamination Soap
    (25 gr. tube)
    For the detoxification and removal of warfare agents.

  2. Decontamination Towel
    (1 piece)

    For detoxification of personnel and sensitive equipment. The towel is impregnated with
  1. Spray Bottle GD-5
    (10 ml.)
    (OWR patented.)
    Spray bottle with GD-5 solution for the B/C decontamination of
    sensitive equipment.

  2. Wooden Spatula
    (1 piece)

    Used to scrape off droplets or smears of warfare agents.

  3. Atropin Auto-injectors (optional on request)

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