General Setups for Decontamination Systems

Types Of Decontamination
Decontamination Systems For Personnel
Man Portable Decontamination Systems
Multipurpose Decontamination Systems
Multipurpose Decontamination System For Personnel, Equipments,
Vehicle & Terrain
Containeried Decontamination Systems
MPD 100
LDU 30
Civil Defence Decontamination System
ChemBio Decontamination Container


Individual Systems:
Systems comprising of individual items that are setup around the contaminated area.

Containerised Systems:
Systems built-in 10' / 20' / 40' Standard ISO containers with or without roll-on frames.

Systems on Racks or non-standard containers:
Systems built on Flat Racks with or without Roll-on frames and custom built special purpose containerised systems built to customer specifications.

Fixed Pre-mounted Systems:
Systems mounted on cargo beds of trailers or trucks.

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