Chemical Warfare

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What is it?
Weapons for either:

  • Weakening of the enemy by severely injuring them with poisons, natural material or drugs, or,

  • Killing of the enemy by contact with poisons, natural material or drugs.

  • Tactical reasons.

Weakens or kills humans, animals and plants via skin/surface or lungs.

Actions after contamination:
Chemicals can be removed from personnel, equipment or vehicles after detonation of a C-weapon. The decontaminant can neutralize the warfare agent to prevent further poisoning.


  • 10/27/1914: First use by Germans at the battle at Neuve-Chapelle, France
  • 01/1915: Used by Germans at Bolimow/USSR
  • 04/1915: 30 tons of chlorine used by Germans in Belgium against UK and France
  • 07/1917: Use of Clark I
  • 07/1917: First use of mustard gas in Belgium against UK troops
  • 06/17/1925: Geneva Protocol
  • 1936: Development of Tabun
  • 1938: Development of Sarin
  • 1944: Development of Soman
  • 1955: British and American scientists develop the V-warfare agents
  • 1958: VX developed in Sweden
  • 1961: Usage of phytotoxical warfare agents (Ag. orange, purple, white, blue used by US in Vietnam)
  • 1964: Usage of irritant gases (CN, CS, DM) by US Airforce in Vietnam
  • 03/1972: Ratification of the Geneva Protocol
  • 1976: Negotiation between USA and USSR about destruction of C-weapons
  • 07/10/1976: TCDD (Dioxin) poisons the environment of Seveso/Italy. 190 people have chlorine poisoning, 40 houses have to be knocked down, the soil surface has to be removed
  • 08/1979: End of negotiation, because of possible use of mycotoxines by USSR in South East Asia
  • 12/02/1984: Chemical accident at Union Carbide, Bhopal/India. 40 tons of Methyl-isocyanate kill 8000 people immediately
  • 03/20/1995: Sarin-attack on the Tokyo subway by the Aum-sect




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