Personal Protection


NSN 6850-12-341-0335

Medical Protection
NBC First Aid Kit
Atropine Nasal Spray Aerosol
Skin Decontamination
Chemical Decontamination Powder
NBC Casualty Bag
NBC Nursing Bag
VTS – Casualty Transportation System
SARS First Response Package
Toxic Substance Simulant

NATO approved decontamination powder which absorbs liquid agent and decontaminates the skin.

It consists of a homogeneous mixture of chlorinated lime (with a minimum active chlorine content of 34%), and magnesium oxide. The active chlorine content of the decontamination powder is a minimum 22% and maximum 24%.

After 30 days the active chlorine content does not fall below 16% when stored in a 68g spray bottle with a special spray nozzle and screw cap at 70°C.

The decontamination powder remains pourable even after being stored for several years in closed bottles. The water content of the decontamination powder does not exceed 1.5%. The spray bottle is made out of chemical resistant material.



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