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NBC Detection Vehicle

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What is EnviScreen?

  • Database software for safety and environmental monitoring and management.
  • Digital system for real-time hazardous situation management.
  • Enables systems based on wide range of different detectors and measurement devices.
  • Suitable for both civil, industrial and military applications.
  • Graphic map interface (screen).


  • Complete and versatile system (Dispersion Modeling, Emergency Instructions).
  • Custom Graphic (Map) User Interface.
  • Multisensor capability.
  • Upgradeability.
  • Remote hosting flexibilty.
  • Wireless capability.
  • Constant availability
    (24 hours, 365 days).
  • Simulation and training functionality.


  • On-line status of detectors and sensors on graphic interface.
  • Dispersion modeling.
  • Emergency instructions
    (Web browser, HTML).
  • Links to external ventilation systems, blower, door control.
  • Training & simulation mode.
  • Data decentralisation server/client - Customised user interface alarms via GSM or TETRA network.

Application Areas:

  • Industrial plants.
  • Chemical and petro-chemical industry.
  • Public buildings & sites.
  • Tunnels, subways, metro.
  • Military sites.
  • Control centers and headquarters.
  • Consequence Management tool.
  • Large scale network adaptability.

Multi-Sensor Capacity:

EnviScreen supports many sensors:

  • CWA Detectors.
  • Toxic Detectors.
  • Radiation Sensors.
  • Oxygen, explosion, hazardous/toxic compounds.
  • Meteorological Sensors:
    • Wind direction & speed.
    • Humidity (RH%).
    • Temperature.
  • Video cameras.

The Alarm Process of EnviScreen:

Output of other processed information:

  • An audible alarm is sounded.
  • An alarm window is opened with a list of sensors which have detected the substance.
  • Information documents with emergency instructions can be displayed either automatically or manually.
  • External systems can be notified automatically.

Security Management:


  • End to end encryption (server → client).
  • SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) Management (24 hours).
  • Authentication.
  • Event logs.
  • Security alarms.
  • Management of user profiles.
  • Planned comprehensive security responsibility.


  • Detection
  • Transmission
  • Source Estimation
  • Dispersion Calculation 
  • Displaying ALARM!

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