ChemBio Container

Effective Decontamination of Clothing and Equipment

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ChemBio Decontamination Container

Effective decontamination of ChemBio and Clothing.


ChemBio is the first containerised decontamination system worldwide that decontaminates biological contaminants 100% (patent pending).

At a temperature of 121°C (249.8°F) no biological contaminant (virus, bacteria and toxins) of the so-called "dirty dozen" can survive.

ChemBio-decontaminates protective clothing and equipment at the same time. The unique Hot Air Circulation System decontaminates all known chemical (optional) and biological contaminants.

Optimal hot air temperature of
130°C (266°F), extendable to
170°C (338°F).

ChemBio container can decontaminate up to 100 suits at the same time. Designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions, - 30°C (- 22°F) and as high as + 50°C (+ 122°F).

Added Value:

  • Solid 20' ISO container with roll-off frame.
  • Easy to operate- minimum training needed.
  • In temperatures of
    -30°C (-22°F), optimum operating temperature reached in 11 minutes.

Technical Data:

  • Burner capacity: Total 200 kW
    1 burner 50 kW,
    1 burner 150 kW.
  • Generator: 1 cylinder diesel driven 8,1 kW.
  • Auxiliary Heating: 4,8 kW.
  • Tank Capacity: 100 ltr.
  • Temperature Range:
    - 30°C to + 40°C
    (optional + 50°C).
  • Operation Temperature: 130°C (extendable 170°C).
    Fuel filter heatable, with water indicator.

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